dr_moira_paris (dr_moira_paris) wrote in treksoap,

Earth, Starfleet Command...Admiral's office.

::relaxes when doors slide shut, shutting out the latest in a long string of secretaries...for reason's beyond the Admiral, the turnover rate is high::

::quirks lips in self-amusement at less than respectful thought, sitting bag down in chair and neatly folding jacket atop it::

::keeps fists balled around thick, course material, eyes lifting to bay of windows across opposite wall...foot traffic below is light and brisk, those still around this late all too eager to escape and head home...or just away::

::twists head, scanning the rest of the room, though not expecting to see anything new...the Admiral's home away from home has been the same since knee socks and hair bows...form, function, little in the way of distraction::

::curves lips again, eyes settling on sole picture allowed a place on the neat, utilitarian desk::
Tags: admiral paris, moira
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