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Second chances... [Jun. 12th, 2009|02:34 pm]
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::draws to halt a few paces away from the main entrance to Starfleet's hub, cocking head to take in building...and remember last occasion for visiting::

::tamps down glare of disgusted indignation with profound effort, tugging at uniform jacket one last time before heading in::

::winces as irony of gesture strikes::

I don't see why we couldn't do this over dinner as well. God knows, I need the comfort food.

From: ezritigandax
2009-07-02 01:08 am (UTC)
::gives self mental pat on back...a lesser Trill would have withered under such a look::

::pushes snipe about transference to back of head, lifting hand::

I think that would be me.

::wait a long, uncomfortable moment for silence to break...or renewed glare::

Well, don't look at me, I'm pissed too. I left Starfleet because they wanted to demote me and what do you know, the moment I sign back up, that's exactly what they plan to do...
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From: capt_will_riker
2009-07-02 01:10 am (UTC)


::raps knuckles on chair edge, ignoring Worf's defensive stiffening::

You're here as a civilian. That would seem to indicate that Starfleet isn't prepared to force you into signing up for anything.

::hopes she takes the hint::
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From: ezritigandax
2009-07-02 01:20 am (UTC)
Yes, well...

::skirts eyes down table to admiralparis::

I thought of that. A lot, actually.

But it really all comes down to one thing, or maybe a couple.

You see, my civilian life sucks. I'm on the run from my mother all the time, we won't even go into the Crusher cultists.

::shrugs at wesleyrcrusher::

And besides...Worf is going. I'd really miss Worf. He's the only friend I have left. And offers a mean massage.
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From: capt_will_riker
2009-07-02 01:51 am (UTC)
::slowly wipes hand over face, reminding self of position...wanted or not, it demands some dignity, dammit::

::can't look at her and hope to retain it, so scans room in entirety once more, trying to sort out details::

All right. XO. Medical. Security. Tactical. Diplomatic and Counselor.

::pauses on wesleyrcrusher, trying to peg him::

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From: wesleyrcrusher
2009-07-02 01:57 am (UTC)
::resists urge to rub against chair back to dislodge prickle...this is worse than being a teenager::

I guess. I mean, they haven't really said.

Does everybody who takes a leave of absence and reappears years later get their ship of choice thrown at them with no actual duty determined yet and not even a psych test?

Crusher cultists. Huh.

::slouches a little, imagining the motherly headslap that smugness would result in under different circumstances::
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[User Picture]From: admiralparis
2009-07-02 01:58 am (UTC)
::clears throat::

Science, yes. Lieutenant Crusher also has some credential when it comes to traveling, I believe, so he should serve as de facto advisor as well in many cases.
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From: capt_will_riker
2009-07-02 01:18 pm (UTC)
::avoids an eye roll...mainly out respect for departed best friend::

::We're not even pretending assignments aren't based on personal ties anymore, are we?::

::jumps at inordinately loud would you like me to quit, then? broadcast from dee_troi::


::rubs chin::

Good. What about conn and engineering?
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[User Picture]From: admiralparis
2009-07-02 01:23 pm (UTC)
I'm afraid your candidates for those positions haven't been approved yet. Starfleet is looking into their own choices...

You'll have your helm officer and engineer aboard for departure, Captain, don't worry.
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From: capt_will_riker
2009-07-02 01:29 pm (UTC)
Any time someone says that...

::spreads hand in surrender::

I trust their judgment entirely, Admiral.

::ignores funny look::

Has Dax been briefed on the specifics of the mission?
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From: ezritigandax
2009-07-02 01:40 pm (UTC)
::is a bit more civil...addresses wall over his head, not entirely opposite::

I think so.

You're taking my transwarp drive and skipping off to the Delta Quadrant.
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From: capt_will_riker
2009-07-02 02:39 pm (UTC)
Half right.

The Aventine's transwarp engine was experimental and the design has been heavily modified since your day. What Titan will be carrying is far more advanced, and designed for more frequent use otherwise there's no way in hell I'd be going to the Delta Quadrant.

::offers admiralparis a pointed look::

Which is why I hope I have a qualified chief aboard.
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[User Picture]From: admiralparis
2009-07-02 03:01 pm (UTC)
As I said, Captain...

::taps stylus on table::

Starfleet isn't in the habit of sending it's most valued troublesome officers out into the unknown with weak spokes in the wheel. What happens after the fact is entirely out of our hands.

::swings gaze to Trill, staring her down::
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From: ezritigandax
2009-07-02 03:22 pm (UTC)
Oh, not to worry, Admiral. I'm old sea salt, remember. And I'm sure I'll pick up a little pepper along the way as well.

::clasps hands on table, putting the most profound interest in voice::

So. I get the how of the mission...I'm just a little hazy on the why.
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From: capt_will_riker
2009-07-03 01:24 am (UTC)
Apparently, it's part family reunion.

::looks at dee_troi again when she coughs into hand::

::moves gaze back to dr_moira_paris, still trying to shake niggle into bud of full recognition::

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From: lt_asil
2009-07-03 02:42 am (UTC)
Only partly, Captain. I believe most of yours will already be with you at launch.

::lifts corner of mouth in smile when future captain twists to face, rewarded by a surprised blink::

::satisfied that attention is focused on person and not connection, enlightens him::

Titan's original mission was to take her to the Beta Quadrant, if I recall. Any greater distance was out of the question only because of technological limitations. Now that transwarp has been vastly improved, it is only logical that Starfleet branch out even further...to the Delta Quadrant.

It follows that while a rendezvous with Voyager is not guaranteed, the odds are no longer nonexistent. With the potential for such contact, it makes little sense to deprive her crew of whatever personal contact is possible.
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