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Afternoon rush. - Insanity — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Afternoon rush. [Jul. 8th, 2009|03:32 pm]


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::yanks on uniform jacket, giving wrinkles a half-hearted once over::

With everything else Starfleet comes up with, you'd think care free fabric would be simple enough...but no, no...

::jumps when firm, slightly cool fingers run over back, apparently focused on the out of reach spots::

Thanks, Seven.

::twists, greeted by a plate of...something...stuck just under nose::

Ah...smells good. But what exactly...

[User Picture]From: ltcmdrtomparis
2009-07-09 12:28 am (UTC)
::dangles fork, contemplating whether the attitude is worth confronting in the long run::

::shakes with silent laughter at own inward joke, before realization that remaining company isn't nearly so amused strikes::

Oh, come on, Seven, she'll get over it.

...the nickname part, at least.
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[User Picture]From: annikahansen
2009-07-09 01:13 am (UTC)
You are...

::pauses, startled to find no adequate wording to describe such behavior::
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[User Picture]From: ltcmdrtomparis
2009-07-09 01:15 am (UTC)
A pig? Yeah, got it.

::chuckles a little more before washing down last bite and rising::

I am curious, though...do all girls get so annoyed by terms of endearment?
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[User Picture]From: annikahansen
2009-07-09 01:17 am (UTC)
::raises own brow::

I would not know.
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[User Picture]From: ltcmdrtomparis
2009-07-09 01:20 am (UTC)
::stares, considering...well, she has a point...it's been a while since 'Seven' was just a nickname, and nobody seems to call her anything else...hell, what would you call her?::



Your father calls you Annie.
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[User Picture]From: annikahansen
2009-07-09 01:22 am (UTC)
::lifts plates from table, moving to refresher::

Your point?
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[User Picture]From: ltcmdrtomparis
2009-07-09 01:24 am (UTC)
::joins, accepting a dishrag as trade for three glasses::

Well, you don't seem to like it much.


I guess that answers the question, doesn't it?
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[User Picture]From: annikahansen
2009-07-09 01:28 am (UTC)
Not precisely.

::glances to opposite wall and chronometer::

Your shift begins in two minutes. I believe it would be bad form for the duty officer to be late.
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[User Picture]From: ltcmdrtomparis
2009-07-09 01:31 am (UTC)
::sighs at distractive ploy::

The way I see it, the perks of being the duty officer include showing up whenever you damn well please...well, within reason.

Come on, Seven.

::offers a chesire cat grin::

Nobody would blame me if I said I was busy being kissed by a beautiful woman.
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[User Picture]From: annikahansen
2009-07-09 01:35 am (UTC)
::narrows eyes, uncertain as to whether the statement is purely playful or retributive topic shift::

::decides to save competition for a later date, settling instead on a long-outdated cliche::

::leans forward, pressing a chaste kiss to one of pilot's ruddy cheeks::

Enjoy your shift, Commander.
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[User Picture]From: ltcmdrtomparis
2009-07-09 01:42 am (UTC)
::loses grin despite best efforts::

::heads for door at firm shove, offering a look of warning back::

We'll continue this later...and I'll leave it to you to decide whether that's something to dread or not.

::allows self just a glimpse of former drone's perfectly shocked expression before heading out into corridor as well::

Like chipping ice...

::ah, well...kitchen stays toasty::
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