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[Feb. 3rd, 2010|11:29 am]


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::runs hand through rebellious hair, quickly lowering it to stifle a yawn...apparently sleep in morning should have been extended to a sleep in day::

::blinks when a blur of mostly orange darts past::

Neelix? Neelix! Where's the fire?

::sighs when Talaxian halts and looks around with even more panic, offering self-translation::

What's the hurry?

From: miralparis
2010-02-04 02:03 am (UTC)

My eyes are sound.
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[User Picture]From: ltcmdrtomparis
2010-02-04 02:44 am (UTC)
::cracks a thin smile, all the surrender to personal sentimentality that can be allowed during times like these::

::deliberately pushes other faces and worries from mind...everyone has a job, and they expect the XO to do his::

::blinks when Sandrines dissolves, replaced by more utilitarian surroundings in a nanosecond...but moves quickly, stepping down and sliding into conn seat without hesitation::

We've been stumbling over a slight phase variance...
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